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Craig was the go-to accountant for the Music and Film industry 20 years ago, and he still is today.
Music producer client

I have all my trust in Craig to keep me out of trouble from HMRC.
Musician client

When I first had a meeting with Craig I was expecting some guy in a pinstripe suit and bowler hat. He was a guy in jeans and a t-shirt with a ponytail, to my surprise. I was instantly put at ease!
– Comedian client

It’s been a pleasure to work with Craig these past 15 years: professional and meticulous while at the same time always happy to meet to offer advice or patiently go through any problems or queries. Very happy to recommend Zen.
Musician and composer client

Fantastic communication and professional services all year round.
Live touring crew client

Excellent friendly and professional service from a very cool company who help keep my business in check and balance. It helps my Zen levels no end!
Film and TV Director/Producer

Craig has genuinely been accommodating, and I have learned a lot from his advice. I’m so glad I moved my accounts over to Zen from my old accountants, who were nowhere near as helpful.

Craig, I’ve recommended you as the guy because you are!
– Dance music artist/DJ/Producer/composer